What is Retail in Detail/Show Me the Money?

Our retail market is growing at a relatively fast pace, mainly due to the explosion of the demand. Still often, growth is not sustainable and /or underpinned by a desired profitability.

The market is generally saturated and very competitive, yet there are a number of interesting market gaps - sometimes even large ones - that have the potential for profitable growth. Even for the period when wages stop bluntly and consumer demand is cooling down.

We invite experts and top executives who have a vision to show us where our money can be hidden in our retail market. We focus especially on working with specific consumer communities.

Because there are interesting opportunities for profitable growth in the market.
Let's take a look at them together!

Program includes:

  • Renowned market analysts, managers and specialists from both business and manufacturing companies
  • Selected vendors representing providers of solutions supporting effective promotions including digital agencies
  • Case studies with an emphasis on innovative approaches and non-price promotional activities

Who is the audience?

  • Brick-and-mortar and E-commerce retailers
  • Suppliers (manufactures, ditributors)
  • IT services providers
  • Researchers and media

Our attendants come from:


Successful retail business is based on a number of details, i. e. "Retail is Detail". That's why we have launched a series of specialized Retail in Detail conferences that follow the annual Retail Summit but they have a more intimate character that allows detailed analysis and discussion of hot topics and challenges.

Retail in Detail is based on the current business needs taking part usually two or three times a year. In the past, it has dealt with a number of hot topics including shopper marketing, expansion of omnichannel, increasing loyalty in retail and expansion of e-commerce in FMCG.

2017 - Retail in Detail / New Customer Journey

2017 - Retail in Detail / Effective Innovation

2016 - Retail in Detail / Omnichannel

2016 - Retail in Detail / Efficient Promotions

2015 - Retail in Detail / FMCG Online