What is Retail in Detail?

Successful retail business is based on mastering a number of details, or "Retail in Detail". That is why we have launched a series of specialized Retail in Detail conferences, which follow the content of the annual summit of Czech and Central European trade - Retail Summit, but have a more intimate character. They allow for a better and more detailed analysis and discussion of current challenges and needs in the trade sector.

About event

What will it be about in Retail in Detail: Digitech 2023?

Technology is an integral part of our lives, and so is the case in the world of retail. How to make business with the help of technology more efficient, more pleasant and safer? How to make a better use of the opportunities that the current technological world offers? How can be retail affected by the use of AI, not only in relation to customer service in stores and e-shops, but also in the operational background, logistics or warehouses? This is the focus of a specialized conference from the Retail in Detail series, which has the subtitle Digitech 2023.

Who is it for?

Retail in Detail: Digitech is intended for all participants in the trade market who have the ambition to succeed, develop their business, improve themselves, their company and the market environment. The size or form of ownership of the company does not matter, nor whether it operates in a brick-and-mortar or digital world. The target group of the event is similar to the Retail Summit 2023, where technology was a big topic.