Topics of  Retail in Detail – Digitech 2022:

-          Connected retail – link of offline and online shopper experience and preferencies

-          360-degree view of shoppers - using all available data on shopping behavior and customer needs to improve the services of merchants - indoor navigation, store and assortment arrangement, management of the store staff according to customer movements, targeted communication with customers corresponding to their shopping preferences, etc.

-          VR and AR – new ways to view or even "try" goods when shopping in a brick-and-mortar or online store

-          Systems for inventory management, logistics or optimization of delivery services

-          Contactless payments as a hassle-free, secure and fast solution

-          Unattended systems, electronic price tags and other digital tools

-          Artificial intelligence: conversational robots, virtual assistants...  

-          Cybersecurity

We are working on the program of Retail in Detail - Digitech 2022 conference currently. Do you want to take part?  Get in touch!