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Block A

360-degree view of shoppers

Pavel Špryňar, Director, Deloitte Digital

What are the trends in customer behaviour in the Czech Republic and abroad? We will introduce you to the analytical tools /platforms of the next generation: composable platforms and Customer Data Platforms (combining customer data with other systems used across the company). How to respond to current legislative changes and work in a cookieless world? And how to use insights for business?

Can the big E-commerce players have equally successful retail?

Lukáš Havlásek, Web & Innovations Director, Notino

Unlike the Internet, a brick-and-mortar store is a long run. Notino connects both worlds to create the best experience for the customer. With the support of technology and data, it personalizes, helps customers with the choice of assortment and simplifies the work of its employees. In his contribution, Lukáš will reveal how Notino specifically does it and what does (not) work for them.

Click to Pay In Czechia

Luděk Slouka, Director Digital Payments & Innovations Central Europe, Mastercard

This year's innovation in the field of internet payments is rapidly spreading among Czech cardholders. It brings faster, more convenient and safer online card payments for both their holders and merchants. We will take a look behind the scenes of this service, find out where Click to Pay can be met and why it gained an important place among the payment gateways of Czech e-commerce.

Shift planning and attendance in stores and logistics

Karel Jelínek, CEO, AristoTelos Workforce Management
Petr Žídek, Workforce and Operations Support Manager, Albert Česká republika

How to plan shifts based on real operational needs while complying with the Labour Code and keeping satisfied employees? Implementation of advanced methods of mathematical optimization in a user-friendly environment.

What is the price for cybersecurity in retail?

Radek Šichtanc, Director of the Security Depertment, O2

Each retailer will calculate exactly what business loss represents an hourly outage of an e-shop or an unexpected closure of a store. However, the price of customer data and especially the price for its loss for a brand can hardly be quantified. What do I need to protect from hackers? What is the minimum investment in cybersecurity to make sense? Is it cheaper to prevent or to respond to a particular attack? Radek will bring concrete answers to these questions, even for those who do not encounter IT security issues so often.

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Networking with coffee/tea, snacks

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Block B

Change your decision spectrum

Pavel Císař, Commercial Excellence Manager Off Trade CZ&SK, Plzeňský Prazdroj

Someone who has been working in FMCG for a long time can answer a lot of things thanks to the know-how loaded with experience. But many times we can carry also the distorted truth of the past that does not reflect today's rapidly changing times. At the same time, current technology offers the opportunity to obtain a wide range of relevant data. In his presentation, Pavel will demonstrate how to combine technology and know-how to create a better shopping experience for the customer.

Why should space planning be a key activity, especially in non unified store chains?

Petr Kavánek, CEO, Quant Retail

"That wouldn't work with us, we have each store as a different space. First, we need to unify the assortment and rebuild the stores. And only then can we start with planograms and space planning." – Petr Kavánek hears these sentences quite often. In his contribution, he will explain why it is exactly the opposite and why the introduction of space planning is the most effective way to unify the assortment and plan reconstructions effectively.

What the first milion of installed digital price tags taught us

Ján Herda, Managing Partner, N O V

How electronic price tag technology can be beneficial for your business, how it can move it to the next level, and how easy it is to implement it. Many years of experience in the use of electronic price tags have enabled N O V to provide the customer with the best you can find on the market. In his speech, Ján Herda will demonstrate the advantages of the latest range of electronic price tags with up to 10 years of battery life and a quick price update and introduce us to an own system for their simple management.

Self-service checkout for every family!

Pavel Dort, Director, 4MAX

Do you think Self Check Out or Scan&Go are just for big food chains? Not at all! Smaller installations do work. Sometimes even longer and better than those you may recall from large stores. Team 4MAX will show you how to do it.

Digitizing multi-channel access to customers

Jiří Nehasil, Sales & Operations Director, MAKRO Cash & Carry ČR

Make shopping in-store and online as easy as possible. This is the goal set in Makro Cash & Carry, but there are many paths and pitfalls leading to it. You will learn how a brick-and-mortar store can draw inspiration from successful online players, e.g. in the area of personalization and recommending tailor-made offers. One of the focal points of the customer experience is the My Makro application, which has been gradually improved and equipped with a function for scanning goods. And precisely in this case, retail is a detail. You will also learn how many customers in Makro are already shopping with their mobile phones and how much time they save by it.

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Lunch & Networking

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Block C: Panel discussion

How can technology contribute to digitalisation, automation and business efficiency? Free debate on the situation on the markets, and not only in the context of world events.

Moderated by: Pavel Špryňar, Director, Deloitte Digital


František Gregor, Managing Director and E-commerce Director, Sportisimo
Karel Jelínek, CEO, AristoTelos Workforce Management
Miroslav Krupa, CEO, SLUNO
Lukáš Němčík, Head of Marketing & Development, Skupina COOP
Adam Pýcha, CMO & E-commerce Director, Knihy Dobrovský