Chair: Jan Patera, Partner, Blue Events

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Part A

Jan Patera, Partner, Blue Events

How to Succeed with Customers in the Age of Accelerating Digital Evolution?

Pavel Moravec, CEE Digital/IS/IT & Sustainability, Nestlé Česko
Tomáš Tlučhoř, Director of Data Services, GS1 Czech Republic

The pace of digital evolution is accelerating, along with the growing complexity of connections between all links in the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer. However, too much complexity has a negative impact on the ability to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers. GS1 standards can help deliver a  great product on time, flawlessly and with meaningful online content.

Transforming Retail with AI: Understand the Impact of Your Promotions

Moa Bergstam, Commercial Director, RELEX Promotions

The presentation shares valuable insights into the power of artificial intelligence in the retail sector. It will focus on the key role of promotions and their impact on consumer behaviour and profitability. It will offer practical solutions for anyone who wants to transform the promotional strategies using AI, better understand changing consumer reactions, identify ineffective campaigns, and improve their profitability and customer success.

Current Cyber Risks for Various Types of Retail Business and How to Address Them Effectively

Ivan Svoboda, Senior Security Advisor, ANECT

Digitalization, customer experience, extensive analytics, increasing speed, flexibility, and productivity in operations –all that  should lead to business benefits. But uncertainty arises: is it safe, reliable, and does it comply with all mandatory regulations? How to deal with cyber risks without having to slow down your business?

Artificial intelligence, prediction, super-personalization... What about data, do you have them?

Lukáš Baroch, Business Development Director, CEOS Data
Daniel Mašek, Retail Insider and Business Analyst

Modern retailers want to have the ability to use all available tools. But for the vast majority of them, it doesn't work out because their data is not worth it. Lukáš Baroch and Dan Mašek will give you five tips on how to be smarter and squeeze the last drop out of your data.

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Part B

Jan Patera, Partner, Blue Events

Bank iD in Retail – Examples of Use and Further Development

Marek Růžička, CEO, Bankovní identita

Banking Identity is used on a daily basis by more than 3 million people. They access state and private services with certainty, knowing with whom they are establishing a business relationship and concluding valid and binding transactions. Retail is not falling behind and offers interesting innovations for other sectors. How can unattended stores operate 24/7 while offering an automatic age verification for the sale of restricted goods? Are we ready for widespread use of electronic signatures? And will the state-prepared electronic ID in the mobile help us with anything? In this contribution, we will try to answer these questions and share thoughts on the further development of Bank iD.

Digital Transformation and Change of Thinking

Marcelina Polok, Multibrand Commercial Director CZ & SK Professional Products Division, L'Oréal Česká republika
Jaroslav Kapoun, CEO & Founder, monit

Are you deciding to start with digitization? Are you worried what your B2B partners, customers, or employees will say? Are you thinking about how to manage a change focusing employees on new opportunities? Then come and listen to the experiences of the supplier and the client in the preparation and long-term cooperation in the field of digital automation, which has had a positive influence not just on the sales team.

Automation and Robotization in the Online Grocery Business

Pavel Todt, COO,

How to automate or robotize processes in an online grocery store to increase efficiency, especially in warehouse processes, with an emphasis on ensuring the quality of customer service.

Guide as the new BLACK in e-commerce

Jan Matějů, Founder & CEO, Outfindo

Not all customers know exactly what they are looking for. Stop investing only in product-specific traffic growth or „lookalikes“  in remarketing and see on an example of a specific case study what impact the right product guide can have on your e-commerce business.

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Lunch Break

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Part C

Jan Patera, Partner, Blue Events

Trends and experience with digitization of services for customers in sport retail

František Gregor, Managing Director & Chief Omnichannel Officer, Sportisimo

What are the main trends in digitalisation within retail, specifically in stores with sportswear?  How to connect and improve customer experience in omnichannel?  Where is the foreign competition heading ? What are customer expectations?

Digitalization and Technology in Pharmacies

Jaroslav Kypr, COO, Dr. Max Slovensko

This contribution would like to show how digitalization and technology can simplify work in a modern pharmacy. Lack of staff, unclear stock inventory, and various administrative tasks do not allow efficient care by the pharmacist for the customer. Automation of background processes and optimization of warehouse management can help create more time for communication with the customer.

Is the arrival of Allegro, Kaufland and other marketplaces an opportunity or a threat for traditional FMCG suppliers and manufacturers in the Czech Republic?

Oldřich Bajer, exCEO MallGroup & Investor, Omnicado
Jaroslav Vágner, Head of Sales, Omnicado

We are entering a new era of Czech e-commerce, in which traditional suppliers and FMCG players must rethink their strategies to take advantage of the potential of a growing number of online marketplaces, such as Allegro or Kaufland. This talk will focus on the possible impacts of this trend on traditional companies and the opportunities that arise from it. Find out how the balance of power between B2B and B2C transactions is changing, why the Czech internet giant is planning its own marketplace, and what this means for the market in 2024.

Animals in an automatic shop

Luboš Rejchrt, COO, Plaček Pet Products

Technological innovations are significantly expanding the possibilities of how to shop. One of the new trends in retail is a fully automated store accessible to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Super Zoo stores are unique in Europe, because customers can buy everything they need for pets. The talk will introduce you to the advantages and challenges of operating such type of stores.

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