Retail Summit 2024: New markets, new opportunities. But you need to open your mind first

Czech retail is facing significant changes. What should we focus on, where will we find people for it, and how much will it cost? And will our customers respond positively to these changes? The 30th anniversary edition of the Retail Summit conference which will take place at the Prague Congress Centre from the 25th to the 27th of March 2024, will bring answers through insights from retail experts from the Czech Republic and other countries in the region.

Retail sector is ready for changes, showed Retail Summit

A record number of participants attended Retail Summit, the annual meeting of key players in the retail market. Retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar store operators, had the opportunity to exchange experience with their colleagues and suppliers of goods and services.

Retail Summit published the program: It bets on change

The 29th annual summit of Central European retail market players will take place on 28–30 March 2023 in Prague. This year's Retail Summit has just published a program with the crucial topic "Let´s bet on change".

After 30 years Blue Events is changing its visual identity

Blue Events, which organizes professional conferences and summits in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has united its brands under a new visual identity.

How Technologies Help Retailers Become More Efficient

The organizers of Retail Summit, the annual large meeting of the entire retail market, come with a smaller specialized event tailored to today's fast times. The conference from the cycle "Retail in Detail" to be held on October 4, 2022 is subtitled "Digitech" and deals with technologies for more efficient business.

Retail Summit 2022 gave a new energy to retail business and encouraged meaningful changes

More than a thousand key players of the retail market met in person this week at Retail Summit 2022 in Prague Congress Centre. Over the course of three days, more than 70 local and foreign speakers presented their views on meaningful future, most notably expressed by humanity, sustainability and efficiency. More than 50 partners of the summit, led by Plzeňský Prazdroj, Salesforce, U&Sluno and Mastercard, presented their products and services directly at the centre.

The Slovak New Retail Summit 2022 will take place in April, offering advantageous admission for the "fastest"

This year, it was once again confirmed that the New Retail Summit became the largest meeting of retailers and their suppliers in Slovakia. At the beginning of September Summit welcomed four hundred people. The next year is scheduled for April 2022. The registration is just opening and the main topic is being published.

Registration on Retail Summit 2022 has been opened, first one hundred gets „Super Fast“ price

After the success of this year, the organizers of Retail Summit plan next big encounter of retailers and their suppliers on April 4–6, 2022, in Prague Congress Centre again. Registration has been opened for those who do not want to miss it. Despite of postponed date, there was almost a thousand of participants at Retail Summit 2021 this September.

Retail Summit 2021 encouraged retailers to cooperate in new reality

Almost a thousand of key retail players met this week in person at Retail Summit 2021 in Prague Congress Centre. It was one of larger events of this year´s congress season. It turned out that retail not only got over the shock and unprecedent market fluctuation, it has been preparing for a new reality.

Retail Summit is sold out! But the summit year 2022 is coming up.

During the last few days, the capacity of the premises in the Prague Congress Centre reserved for Retail Summit 2021 has been filled in a record fast way. Therefore, the organizers are forced to close the registration for the year 2021.

Expert meeting Friends of Pets 2021 attracted 150 representatives of producers, retailers and suppliers of pet care

The program of the conference on September 2, 2021 stressed topics of customer behaviour, sustainability, rewarding or phenomenon of coronavirus era masters. The presentation on communication campaigns of Michal Michňa from Publicis Groupe and interview with animal trainer František Šusta gained the highest ranking from the audience.

Toby Pickard, IGD London, the key note of New Retail Summit 2020, in an interview for RETAIL

The winners are retailers who turn shopping into an „omnichannel“ experience

Retail Summit 2020: Record attendance and openness of a number of speeches

In 26-year history of this top meeting of retail market players, Retail Summit 2020 has stood up with the highest participation of over 1,100 managers and experts. Also, the openness and specificity of a number of speeches was unprecedented so far, confirming that "something is really happening" and our market is entering a new phase of development. The rise of new retail ecosystem with many interconnected sales and communication channels is key phenomenon of it. Thanks to the new technologies, everything is not only faster, but also significantly more transparent. Sustainability and a fair relationship with all stake-holders, as well as with the overall environment, are therefore a key strategic imperative.

Detailed program of New Retail Summit 2020 just published!

Blue Events, supported by SAMO – Slovak Association of Modern Trade and other partners, are preparing new top–to-top meeting for the Slovak retail and consumer markets. It will be organized under New Retail Summit 2020 brand in Bratislava, on March 4th. Integral part of the Summit is gala evening with Mastercard Slovak Retailer of the Year award ceremony.

Retail Summit 2020 will advise how not to get lost in the jungle of the new retail ecosystem

Retail Summit 2020, to be held on February 3-5 2020, at Prague's Clarion Congress Hotel, will focus on how to succeed in the new retail ecosystem. The organizers of the Summit have just published its detailed program, which will present more than 120 top representatives of the brick and mortar retail as well as e-Commerce, experts and major suppliers of goods and technology.

Online ticket sales for Retail Summit 2020 launched. Benefit from discounted prices for the timely registered or go the unique CZ & SK Special offer!

Retail Summit 2020 taking place on February 3- 5, 2020 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague will explore how to take advantage of the opportunities given by the new market structure and new communication and distribution channels.

The industry meeting of Friends of Pets will again be associated with competition PET SHOP of the Year 2020

Friends of Pets 2020 is a conference focused on the ever growing category of petfood and pet needs that generates very interesting financial results. This is particularly evident in recent years, when manufacturers and retailers react to the increasing purchasing power and customer demand, and focus on offering premium products and other value-added services (veterinary consultancy, animal cosmetics, or even animal psychology).

New Retail Summit 2020: Preparations of new top-to-top event just kicked-off

Slovak retail and consumer markets are undergoing dynamic changes. Definitively something deserving a relevant attention and professional discussion. The right moment to launch the Summit of all people actively participating in the creation of new retail. The strong reason for Blue Events and co-operating partners to organize the new top-to-top event, labelled New Retail Summit 2020, on 4th March 2020 at DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Bratislava.

The main topic of Retail Summit 2020 published!

Retail Summit 2020, the highly representative meeting of the most important players at the Czech and European Market will take place on February 3 – 5, 2020. The organizers have just published its main topic: "New Retail Ecosystem".

Dynamic pricing or electronic price tags won’t save us. The way from our dependence on the old model leads through a change of thinking!

After the last year’s burning discussion about price promotions this year's Retail in Detail series brought another hot topic: Strategic Pricing. More than 120 participants gathered in the conference hall in Prague's Brumlovka to discuss how to make smart pricing.

The digital transformation of retail has been evaluated as the best section of the 2nd program day

Every good CEO should be able to keep up with new technologies and use them as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, digital business transformation is a long haul and can sometimes become a stumbling block. Often, however, it is only a matter of starting with a change of mindset and opening yourself to progress. How do companies drive their customers crazy? How is digitalisation perceived by companies such as or Feedo? The Digital Transformation panel, as part of the Retail Summit organised by Blue Events, brought answers to these questions.

Retail Summit 2019: Customer Experience can be created only by people - technologies are just a welcomed enabler

More than a thousand of retailers and their suppliers used Retail Summit 2019 as a platform to discuss how to win in the today´s highly competitive market. They agreed that the key to success is to create a positive customer experience. Lot of attention was given to the latest technologies and to the experience from their implementation within the digital industry transformation. Summit participants nevertheless concluded that even the smartest technology cannot move us forward by itself – retail trade and the whole business around it will stay a „human-to-human“discipline. Winners will be those with the best relations to people – in front but also behind the “shop counter”.

Number of participants almost reaches the thousand mark – last chance to register for the Summit!

Retail Summit 2019, to be held on Feb 4 to 6, 2019 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, has gained extraordinary attention from the retail industry. Rich line-up of 130 speakers attracts both brick & mortar and internet retailers and their business partners – suppliers of goods, services and technologies. Participants list is thus very long and well balanced – full of interesting companies truly from A (American Amazon) to Z (Czech Z-Trade).

Program of Retail Summit 2019 opens topics for the future

Retail Summit 2019, which will be held in Prague on February 4 -6, 2019, is dedicated both to "perpetual" issues of successful retailing, as well as to a number of new issues that are topical right now and will shape the future of our market. For example, it is the matter of the principles of sustainability, the development of a new mega category of smart home, the use of digital technologies, not only online, but also in brick & mortar stores or the shift of the e-Commerce from rather tactical approaches to a truly strategic control.

The program of the Jubilee 25th Retail Summit was published

Retail Summit 2019 that will take place on February 4 - 6, 2019, has published its detailed program. Its range and quality is a prove of a highly representative meeting of the most important players of the Czech and Slovak market.

Retail Summit 2019 Reveals Its Program

Retail Summit 2019, the largest meeting of retailers and suppliers of consumer goods and services for the Czech and Slovak markets, will take place from February 4 – 6, 2019 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. The organizers already start to publish information about the program of this top event, which should not be missing in your calendar.

The Retail Summit 2019 preparations are running at full tilt

The Retail Summit, the largest meeting of retailers and suppliers of goods and services for the Czech and Slovak retail markets, is entering its 25th anniversary. It will take place from 4 to 6 February 2019 at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague.

Retail Summit 2018: Conference presentations available for the participants

Registered participants of the Retail Summit 2018 can view or download all the presentations that have been released for publication, both from of the main program and discussion sections. Please put down your Name_Familyname and password you have received in the conference file.

Retail Summit 2018: Balance requires cooperation and respect to a human

More than a thousand dealers and their suppliers discussed at the Retail Summit 2018 on how to achieve a balance in the retail market. It is currently changing sharply, not only with the presence of new technologies, but also with the explosion of wage costs, shifts in consumer demand, and arrival of new players.

FRIENDS OF PETS: The Conference about the Prospects of Pet food and Pet care Retail

The Dynamically growing retail sector specialised in pet assortment will be the topic of the next year's series of Retail in Detail conference, this time untitled as Friends of Pets. Pet category generates not only interesting financial results, but deals with something what really connects the Czechs – love for dogs, cats and other pets. Note the da of April 12 into the diary and come (maybe in the company of your four-legged friends) to KC City in Prague.